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Port Settings for Special Applications  
http://www.imgsrc.kit.net/portas.html - Speedstream


See Related Articles (at right) for step-by-step instructions on 
(1) How to configure ports on your router and 
(2) How to connect a console game (Nintendo Game Cube, PlayStation 2, or XBox) to a router.

The following special application port information is provided as a courtesy, based on customer input. We do not provide technical support for these applications. Please contact the software provider for further assistance.


Note: The following popular apps are listed in alphabetic order. Click a letter below or use Ctrl + F to search the text for your application. Also see [Related Articles] in the right-hand frame of this article for further information.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Active Worlds
IN TCP 3000
IN TCP 5670
IN TCP 7777





AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
OUT TCP 4099
IN TCP 5190

AIM Talk
OUT TCP 4099
IN TCP 5190

Aliens vs. Predator
IN UDP 2300 - 2400
IN UDP 8000 - 8999

Anarchy Online
IN TCP 7013
IN TCP 7500 - 7501
IN UDP 7013
IN UDP 7500 - 7501

Asheron's Call
Also see: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q236/4/30.asp
OUT UDP 9000, 9004, 9008, 9012
IN UDP 9000, 9001, 9004, 9005, 9012, 9013
You may also need to open the MSN Game Zone and DX ports.

Audiogalaxy Satellite
IN TCP 41000 - 50000


IN UDP 2300 - 2400
IN TCP 2300 - 2400
IN UDP 47624
IN TCP 47624


Black and White
IN TCP 2611 - 2612
IN TCP 6667
IN UDP 6500
IN UDP 27900

Blizzard Battlenet
This allows for -1- machine on the network to take advantage of Blizzard's BattleNet system for playing online games such as Diablo II and StarCraft. The 6112 port is needed in both TCP and UDP for StarCraft and Diablo II, and the 4000 port is needed for Diablo II. No other settings should be needed.
IN TCP 4000
IN TCP 6112
IN UDP 6112

Buddy Phone
(w/o FTP)
IN UDP 700 - 701

IN TCP 3453


C&C Tiberian Sun
See Westwood Online.

Calista IP phone
OUT TCP 5190
IN UDP 3000

IN TCP 2047 2048
IN UDP 2047 2048

CarbonCopy32 host on your LAN
IN TCP 1680

CITRIX Metaframe / ICA Client
IN TCP 1494
IN UDP 1604
IN TCP 1023 - 5000 (NOTE: Depending on the number of clients/sessions, you can try decreasing this range, or you may need to increase it.)

Common Servers

FTP Server on your LAN

POP3 Mail Server on your LAN
IN TCP 110

SMTP Mail server" on your LAN

TELNET Server on your LAN

WEB Server on your LAN

OUT UDP 24032
IN UDP 1414
IN UDP 1424
IN TCP 1503
IN TCP 1720
IN UDP 1812 1813
IN TCP 7640
IN TCP 7642
IN UDP 7648
IN TCP 7648
IN TCP 7649 7649
IN UDP 24032
IN UDP 56800
OUT UDP 1414
OUT UDP 1424
OUT TCP 1503
OUT TCP 1720
OUT UDP 1812 1813
OUT TCP 7640
OUT TCP 7642
OUT UDP 7648
OUT TCP 7648
OUT TCP 7649
OUT UDP 56800


Dark Reign 2
IN TCP 26214
IN UDP 26214

Deerfield MDaemon Email Server
IN TCP 3000
IN TCP 3001

Delta Force (Client and Server)
OUT UDP 3568
IN TCP 3100 3999
OUT TCP 3100 3999
IN UDP 3100 3999
OUT UDP 3100 3999

Delta Force 2
IN UDP 3568
IN UDP 3569

Delta Three PC-to-Phone
IN TCP 12053 [use CuSeeMe protocol if available]
IN TCP 12083
IN UDP 12080
IN UDP 12120
IN UDP 12122
IN UDP 24150 - 24179

OUT TCP 7175
IN UDP 51200 51201
IN TCP 51210
IN TCP 1584 1585
OUT TCP 8680 8686

Direct Connect
IN TCP 375 - 425

Dwyco Video Conferencing
IN UDP 12000 - 16090
IN TCP 1024 - 5000
IN TCP 6700 - 6702
IN TCP 6880

Dune 2000
See Westwood Online.

Dungeon Siege

1. Log in to the router (http://.254/).
2. Go to [Advanced Setup > Special Applications] and enter the following:
Trigger port: 6073 UDP
Public Port: 6073, 2300, UDP
Trigger port: 6073 UDP
Public Port: 80 TCP
3. Go to [Advanced Setup > Misc] and confirm [Discard ping from WAN side] is not checked.
4. Save the new settings.


Elite Force
IN UDP 26000
IN UDP 27500
IN UDP 27910
IN UDP 27960
NOTE: If the server is behind the same router/firewall as other clients, then all of the clients will have to add "+set net_port 27961," "27962," etc. to their shortcut command lines. Otherwise, they will not be able to use the in-game internet game browser. This is due to the fact that EF uses the same port (27960) for both the client and the server.

The following is an excerpt from eMule FAQ at http://emule-project.net/:

Note: When using a router in a network the option DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol in the router should be turned off. Assign static IPs to each client in the network.

The following list shows the ports used by eMule when using it's default settings. If you change anything in Preferences -> Connection you will have to take the changes into account when configuring your firewall or router.

1) Local Port: 4662
Remote Port: any
Protocol: TCP
Direction: incoming
Purpose: Client Port / Connections from other clients
Note: You can change this port in Preferences -> Connection -> Client Port
This port has to be forwarded in a router. Changing this port in Preferences you must also change the forwarding in the router

2) Local Port: any
Remote Port: 4662
Protocol: TCP
Direction: outgoing
Purpose: Client Port / Connections to other clients
Note: 4662 is the default port, but other clients may have different settings. Change the remote port to any when configuring a firewall

3) Local Port: 4672
Remote Port: any
Protocol: UDP
Direction: incoming
Purpose: Clients source asking / extended eMule protocol
Note: This port has to be forwarded in a router. Changing this port in Preferences you must also change the forwarding in the router.
If you are not able to forward this port check the disable box in Preferences -> Connection -> UDP Port

4) Local Port: any
Remote Port: 4672
Protocol: UDP
Direction: outgoing
Purpose: Clients source asking / extended eMule protocol
Note: 4672 is the default port, but other clients may have different settings. Change the remote port to any when configuring a firewall

5) Local Port: any
Remote Port: 4661
Protocol: TCP
Direction: outgoing
Purpose: Connection to server
Note: 4661 is the default port of a server. Many server use different ports. Configuring a firewall the remote port again changes to any.

6) Local Port: any
Remote Port: 4665
Protocol: UDP
Direction: outgoing
Purpose: Source asking on servers
Note: Servers using the default port 4661 TCP (see #5) automatically set their port for source asking to 4665 UDP. If a server uses a different port in #5 the corresponding UDP port is set to [Connection Port + 4]. For firewalls the remote port here is any.

Also see: http://everquest.station.sony.com/support/connection/firewall_proxy_information.jsp
IN TCP 1024 7000
IN UDP 1024 6000


IN UDP 3862
IN UDP 3863

F-22 Lightning 3
IN UDP 3875
IN UDP 4533
IN UDP 4534
IN UDP 4660 - 4670 (for VON)

F-22 Raptor
IN UDP 3874, 3875

Fighter Ace II
IN TCP 50000 - 50100
IN UDP 50000 - 50100

for DX play also open these ports:
IN TCP 47624
IN TCP 2300 - 2400
IN UDP 2300 - 2400



Ghost Recon/Ghost Recon Desert Siege
IN TCP and UDP 2346
IN TCP and UDP 2347
IN TCP and UDP 2348
OUT TCP and UDP 2346
OUT TCP and UDP 2347
OUT TCP and UDP 2348

IN TCP 6346
IN UDP 6346

IN UDP 2090 2091
IN TCP 2090


Half Life Server
IN UDP 27015

Half Life
IN UDP 6003
IN UDP 7002
IN UDP 27010
IN UDP 27015
IN UDP 27025

Heretic II Server
IN TCP 28910

Hexen II
Each computer hosting Hexen II must use a different port number starting at 26900 and incrementing by 1.
IN UDP 26900 (for first player)

Hotline Server
IN TCP 5500 - 5503
IN UDP 5499
The TCP Ports enabled are 5500 - 5503

If you change the default port you must enable the 3 following ports, e.g. if you choose 4000 you must also enable 4001 – 4003.

The UDP port enabled 5499 is required only if you want to list your server on a tracker.



ICQ should work through a 2602, 2614, or 2623 router, without a firewall enabled, without configuration.

To configure ICQ to work through a firewall, see this ICQ KB Article:

If this does not work, the only solution to this issue that we are aware of at this time is to set up the other PC as a DMZ host. Please see [Related Articles] in the right-hand frame for further information.

ICU 2 (aka icu2/icuii/ICUII) Client
OUT TCP 2019
IN TCP 2000 2038
IN TCP 2050 2051
IN TCP 2069
IN TCP 2085
IN TCP 3010 3030
OUT TCP 2000 2038
OUT TCP 2050 2051
OUT TCP 2069
OUT TCP 2085
OUT TCP 3010 3030

ICU2 Client (v.4xx)
IN TCP 1024 - 5000
IN TCP 2000 - 2038
IN TCP 2050 - 2051
IN TCP 2069
IN TCP 2085
IN TCP 3010 - 3030
IN TCP 6700 - 6702
IN TCP 6880
IN UDP 12000 - 16090

Internet Phone
OUT UDP 22555

IN TCP 8076 - 8077
IN UDP 8076 - 8077

IN UDP 9943
IN UDP 56768


Each computer using KALI must use a different port number, starting at 2213 and incrementing by 1.
IN UDP 2213 (for first player)
IN UDP 6666

IN TCP 1214

Kohan Immortal Sovereigns
This allows you to host a Kohan game and have it show
up on Gamespy, otherwise no one will be able to see your
game outside of your LAN. Only the ICS server can host
games and have them appear.
IN UDP 3855
IN UDP 17437
IN TCP 3855
IN TCP 17437


Laplink Host
IN TCP 1547

(Pager file-send only)
IN UDP 8999

Lotus Notes Server
IN TCP 1352


Mig 29
IN UDP 3862
IN UDP 3863

mIRC Chat
IN TCP 6660 - 6669

Also see: http://www.mirc.co.uk/help/proxies.html
IN TCP 1024 - 5000

IN UDP 113

Motorhead Server
IN UDP 16000
IN TCP 16000
IN TCP 16010 - 16030
IN UDP 16010 - 16030
The ports 10 are examples; you must specify client ports so that Motorhead does not assign client ports randomly.

MSN Game Zone
Also see: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q159/0/31.asp
and for DX http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q240/4/29.ASP
IN TCP 6667
IN TCP 28800 - 29000
for DX play also open these ports:
IN TCP 47624
IN TCP 2300 - 2400
IN UDP 2300 - 2400

MSN Messenger
IN TCP 6891 - 6900
IN TCP 1863
IN UDP 1863
IN UDP 5190
IN UDP 6901
IN TCP 6901

Myth, Myth II Server
IN TCP 3453


OUT TCP 6699
IN TCP 6699

Need for Speed - Porche
IN UDP 9442

Need for Speed 3- Hot Pursuit
IN TCP 1030

OUT UDP 6801
IN UDP 6801
One additional UDP and one TCP port in the range of 1 to 30000 must be mapped, e.g. 6802 and 6803. These ports must be mapped in your firewall, then set in the Net2Phone client as follows:
1) Click on Net2Phone's "Menu" button.
2) Select "Preferences".
3) Click on the "Network" tab.
4) Enter 6802 for the Client TCP Port.
5) Enter 6803 for the Client UDP Port.

NetMeeting 2.0, 3.0
also Intel Video Phone, H.323 compliant video players

Microsoft NetMeeting will not work behind a NAT firewall because its audio feature requires dynamic ports. There are two ways to overcome this:

  1. To use NetMeeting without audio, open all the ports for these triggers: Triggers = 389, 522, 1503, 1024, 1720, 1731 Incoming ports (the same for all triggers) = 1-64535.
  2. To use NetMeeting with audio, put your NetMeeting PC into a DMZ, which will open all TCP ports. (When the NetMeeting call is made, the program randomly picks one of the ports within the range of 1,024 - 65,535.)

Note: The DMZ function is incompatible with Virtual Server, and opens that PC to certain security risks. See the Related Article (at right) for further information on DMZs.

Basic Port Info

OUT TCP 1720
IN UDP 1024 65534 [use H.323 protocol if available]
OUT UDP 1024 65534 [use H.323 protocol if available]
IN TCP 1024 1502 [use H.323 protocol if available]
OUT TCP 1024 1502 [use H.323 protocol if available]
IN TCP 1504 1730 [use H.323 protocol if available]
OUT TCP 1504 1730 [use H.323 protocol if available]
IN TCP 1732 65534 [use H.323 protocol if available]
OUT TCP 1732 65534 [use H.323 protocol if available]
OUT TCP 1503 1503
OUT TCP 1731 1731
IN TCP 1503 1503
IN TCP 1731 1731

NTP (Network Time Protocol)
IN UDP 123

Neverwinter Nights

Note: The following instructions are from the Neverwinter Nights Technical FAQ

If you are trying to play through a firewall of some sort, here is some information for you to help you get connected. Neverwinter Nights uses UDP, not TCP for its connections. If you think that your firewall is preventing you from connecting to the game servers, please make sure that the following ports are open:

Ports 5120 through 5300
Port 6500
Port 27900
Port 28900

In addition to opening the ports listed above, you may need to allow incoming connections on the port you are running your server on (5121 by default) and forward those connections to the computer running the server.

If your server does not appear on the GameSpy game list:

  • Verify that it is does not appear for other users. It may not be appearing for you because your game is published by your external IP address, this address may not be valid from inside your firewall.
  • Verify that the server is accessible from the Internet, have a friend Direct Connect using your external IP address (ie not or 192.168.*.*, these are local addresses).
  • If you are starting your module from the command line of the Windows or Linux dedicated server, try starting it from within the application.
  • If your module is very large or contains very large areas, try breaking it up into smaller pieces.
  • If you are wanting to make sure that your NAT is set up to allow the game to play here are some details.

Outgoing packets

Source port:
Destination port:

Incoming packets

Source port:
Destination port:

On the Game Client side, here are some changes to make things go better. Go to your nwnplayer.ini file in your Neverwinter Nights install directory, and find the following section:

Client Port=XXXX

Our suggestion is to change XXXX to 5120.

Note: This information is from Bioware, not Efficient Networks, and is presented here simply as a courtesy to our customers; we do not provide technical support for Neverwinter Nights.


Operation FlashPoint
TCP 47624 ~ 47624
TCP 2234 ~ 2234
BOTH 6073 ~ 6073

IN UDP 5310
IN TCP 5310


Pal Talk
Also see: http://www.paltalk.com/paltalk/support/network/index.htm
IN UDP 2090 [voice]
IN UDP 2091 [control stream]
IN TCP 2090 [file transfer]
IN TCP 2091 [video listening]
IN TCP 2095 [file transfer- older versions]
OUT TCP 5001 - 50015 [text messaging]
OUT TCP 8200 - 8700 [firewall / network mode group voice]
OUT UDP 8200 - 8700 [firewall / network mode group voice]
OUT UDP 1025 - 2500 [outbound voice & control stream (user configurable)]

The last 2 UDP outbound ports are usually set in pairs. 1024 - 1025, 1026 - 1027, etc. Most users never have to set these lower two ports. They are dynamically assigned if you leave the lower two boxes set to 0's on the 'paltalk port settings' tab.
Outbound ports are usually not an issue but are listed here for network users who may need to manually configure for a proxy or NAT server or other hardware device.

PCAnywhere (host on your LAN)
IN TCP 5631
IN UDP 5632

Note: Some DSL providers (e.g. Pacific Bell) restrict the use of remote control software on their network, such as Symantec pcAnywhere, for security reasons. Please contact your ISP to address this issue.

IN UDP 1034 - 1035
IN UDP 9900 - 9901
IN TCP 1034 - 1035
IN TCP 2644
IN TCP 8000
This Mapping is needed to hear the audio from the incoming party, outgoing audio will work without it. According to PhoneFree the ports you need open are:
8000 TCP For Server access
1034 UDP Voice in/out
1035 TCP Voice in/out
2644 TCP Personal Communication Center
Users have also reported that:
(a) Port range UDP is also needed but not mentioned at PhoneFree support.
(b) Shut off other firewalls
(c) To make PC-TO-PHONE calls only UDP port 9900 must be opened

Polycom ViaVideo H.323
IN TCP 3230 - 3235
IN UDP 3230 - 3235
Also enable on ViaVideo (under H.323 QoS) 'Use Fixed Ports' TCP & UDP.


Quake 3
Each computer playing Quake 3 must use a different port number starting at 27660 and incrementing by 1. You'll also need to do the following:
1. Right click on the Q III icon
2. Choose "Properties"
3. In the Target field you'll see a line like "C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe"
4. Add the Quake III net_port command to specify a unique communication port for each system. The complete field should look like this: "C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" +set net_port 27660
5. Click OK.
6. Repeat for each system behind the NAT, adding one to the net_port selected (27660,27661,27662)
IN UDP 27660 (for first player)

Quake 2 (Client and Server)
IN UDP 27910

Issues with Quicken vary widely and are not typically router port-related. For step-by-step troubleshooting help for specific Quicken error codes, go to: Quicken OL Error Troubleshooting. See Related Articles (at right) for help with router/print server issues.

QuickTime 4 Client
IN UDP 6970 - 32000

QuickTime 4 Server
IN TCP 6970
IN UDP 6970 - 7000


RAdmin (Fama Tech)
IN TCP 4899

Rainbow Six (Client and Server)
OUT TCP 2346
IN TCP 2346

RealAudio on Port 554
IN UDP 6970 - 32000

RealAudio on Port 7070
OUT TCP 7070
IN UDP 6970 - 7170

Remote Anything
Also see: http://remote-anything.com/prod_remote_faq.htm
IN TCP 3999 - 4000
IN UDP 3996 - 3998

Remotely AnyWhere
IN TCP 2000

Remotely Possible Server
IN TCP 799

Roger Wilco
Also see: http://www.rogerwilco.com/support/rw/firewalls.html
IN TCP 3782
IN UDP 3782
IN UDP 3783 [only needed for base station]

Rogue Spear
OUT TCP 2346
IN TCP 2346


Shiva VPN
(set the mobile option in the Shiva VPN client software to be your public IP address)
OUT UDP 2233
IN UDP 2233

ShoutCast Server
IN TCP 8000 - 8005

Soldier of Fortune
IN UDP 28910 - 28915

SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals
UDP Ports 6000 - 6999
For further information, please see Playstation SOCOM Support FAQ

Speak Freely
IN UDP 2074 - 2076

IN UDP 6112

Starfleet Command
IN TCP 2300 - 2400
IN TCP 47624
IN UDP 2300 - 2400
IN UDP 47624

IN TCP 16639
IN UDP 16638


Timbuktu Pro
IN TCP 407
IN TCP 1417 - 1420
IN UDP 407
IN UDP 1417 - 1420


IN TCP Login
IN TCP 8888 Patch
IN TCP UO Messenger
IN TCP 9999 Patch
IN TCP 7875 UOMonitor
Port 7875 is not used by the game, but by UOMonitor, which many players use to monitor server status.

Unreal Tournament Server
IN UDP 7777 (default gameplay port)
IN UDP 7778 (server query port
IN UDP 7779+
Note: UDP 7779+ are allocated dynamically for each helper UdpLink objects, including UdpServerUplink objects. Try starting with and add ports if needed.
IN UDP 27900 (Server query, if master server uplink is enabled. Some master servers use other ports, like 27500)
IN TCP 8080
Note: Port 8080 is for UT Server Admin. In the [UWeb.WebServer] section of the server.ini file, set the ListenPort to 8080 (to match the mapped port above) and ServerName to the IP assigned to the router from your ISP.


Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
Also see: http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc
IN TCP 5500
IN TCP 5800
IN TCP 5900


Warcraft (via Blizzard.net)
IN UDP 6112
IN TCP 6112
OUT UDP 6112
OUT TCP 6112
+ DHCP should be enabled

Westwood Online - C&C Tiberian Sun & Dune 2000
Note: Westwood Online supports only one user per public IP address at any given time. Apprule courtesy of Quantus' World
OUT TCP 4000
IN TCP 4000
IN UDP 1140 1234
IN TCP 1140 1234
OUT UDP 1140 1234
OUT TCP 1140 1234

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player issues can have several variables which cannot be adequately addressed in this article. Please see Windows Media Services: Troubleshooting Basic Network Connectivity and Windows Media Services 4.1 Firewall Information (covers Windows Media Player 9) for detailed information.

Windows 2000 Terminal Server
IN TCP 3389
IN UDP 3389

Please visit http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.buchanan/winmx/firewalls.html.


Yahoo! Messenger Chat
IN TCP 5000 - 5001

Yahoo! Messenger Phone
IN UDP 5055


IN UDP 7845 [Use Quake Translation if you can set it]

Further Information
See [Related Articles] in the right-hand frame of this article.

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